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Absolute imports with Create React App

Configuring absolute path! No more ../../../hell plus ESLint



Today's post is about a cool set up you can do in your projects. It's easier to type out the paths, no more ../../../../where-is-my-folder

You can move a file without having to update its input paths

Let's get started!

All you have to do is creating a jsconfig.json in your root folder with this code:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "src"
  "include": ["src"]

Then, you go to your eslintrc.js or where you set up your ESlint and create a new object

settings: {
    'import/resolver': {
      node: {
        paths: ['src'],

And it's pretty much it! You can now make those imports prettier and easier!

Comparing the before and after of how imports were made

Note that you don't need to install any npm package for this, that settings chunk is enough.

That was a pretty short post! Any questions let me know in the comments below!

Stick around for more tips!

Thank you for reading!