Uma foto minha tirada de frente, estou com uma blusa preta e um semi sorriso.

Miguel MachadoSoftware Engineer

Escrevo sobre frontend, backend e homelab.

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Hello, World!

Let me introduce to you. Come, have a sit!

Image of "Wello World" in a terminal

I'm not just "a strange man behind the keyboard"

Hey, how are you? I'm Miguel Machado, a full stack developer from Brazil, I have about 2 years of experience in the programming field

I always dreamt about having my blog, so, why not build my own?!

Why I developed this blog?

I always loved to show others what I've created and what I've learned. I kinda like the idea of teaching and it's my chance to improve my English!

The mission

I'm planning to be publishing at least one post per week.

And I hope I can always bring some content that helps or teaches something!

What I am going to be blogging about?

I'm going to post about development, some tips I learned during my developer career and the sooner you learn it, the better! And I can't forget Science, because, well, I ❤️ Science!


Any typos or grammar errors? Let me know in the comments section!

That's it for today, devs! Stick around for more content!